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Dear Mothers of Color


As a privileged mother of a white son, I feel your rage and your fear. I can only begin to imagine the deep-seated anguish you feel for your son‘s safety every time he ventures out into a world that offers little protection to the festering, deep-rooted racial bias that plagues our society.

I feel your outrage, your anger, and shock at the unjust killings of African-American men, at racial profiling, at slanders and bulling. I am angry at the cruelty of humanity, white supremacy, and the hatred that continues to fester in our society.

I weep with you. I weep for your families. I weep for a nation that doesn’t know how to heal from the atrocities of slavery and perpetuates hatred.

I do not pretend to know the depth of your pain, your anguish, your anger, your challenges, or your experience of life in these United States.

But I am here to bear witness to your story. And as I listen, I must also accept my own shortcomings as a privileged white person for not taking an even stronger stand with you, for ignoring my own unconscious biases, and for not apologizing again and again for the horrible legacy the white race has inflicted on people of color.

Today can no longer be just another day. It must be a new day. A new day to take on racial injustice. White mothers of privilege, we must do even more to help our sisters and speak up.

We must come together to fight for a more compassionate, equitable, and fair society where hatred has no place, where skin color no longer matters, where we embrace our differences, and where all people have the right to thrive and feel safe. We must create a society where all young men of color can walk out of their homes and feel protected, knowing that we’ve got their backs.

One step at a time we can make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mothers of Color

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