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The mission of New Habit Mindset is to offer you science-based solutions to help you live your best life.

Pop-psychology and fad advice usually doesn’t sustain long-term results.  Quick and easy usually doesn’t create lasting change.  Tools and techniques grounded in science have better odds at helping you achieve greater results in your life.

My vision is a world where people are living healthy, happy, and engaged lives.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps, hurdles, or major life challenges.  It means that during those moments when you do feel sad, discouraged, enraged or disappointed, you are still engaged with your life.  You are not running away.   It is during times of both hardship and optimism that you are able to access your own resourcefulness, resiliency and creativity to move you forward. It means that you are able to ask for support when you need it.

An educator, artist, and consummate learner, I believe that much of who we comes from our thoughts, emotions, stories we tell ourselves, and habits that have been created from the challenges and blessings we have experienced in our life.

In order to change your outcomes, achieve your goals, and live your best life, you need to get to know yourself deeply.  The two ways research suggests that you can gain greater self-awareness is through curiosity and mindfulness.  It is through this practice of detached non-judgement and observation where you can access and change your habits, thoughts, emotions, and  narratives that are no longer serving us.

Change begins with awareness and then actively putting one small step in front of the other over time.

I hope you will join me on this journey of continued learning so that together we can achieve remarkable results and live our best life.

To your best life,



Contact:  Laurel {at} newhabitmindset {dot} com