New Habit Mindset

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Laurel Smith DoggettMy vision is a world where people are leading meaningful lives while achieving greater well-being.

This doesn’t mean you are exempt from bumps, hurdles, or major life challenges.  It means that during those moments when you do feel sad, discouraged, enraged or disappointed, you are still able to move forward. You are not running away.  You are feeling the feelings and moving forward anyway.

The purpose of New Habit Mindset is to compile proven techniques to help you move from surviving to thriving.

What can you do differently to increase your happiness, achieve your goals, experience greater fulfillment, and become the best version of yourself?

Pop-psychology and fad advice usually doesn’t sustain long-term results. Quick and easy usually doesn’t create lasting change.  Tools and techniques grounded in science have better odds at helping you achieve the best results in your life.

In order to change outcomes, achieve your goals, and live with integrity and greater well-being, you need self-awareness.  The two ways research suggests that you can gain greater self-awareness is through curiosity and mindfulness.  It is through this practice of detached non-judgment and observation where you can gain clarity and insight to change your habits, thoughts, emotions, and narratives that are no longer serving you.  ( Check out my free audio on habits. )

I hope you will join me on this journey of continued learning so that together we can achieve remarkable results in our lives.

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