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What to do when your arguments hit a roadblock.

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone who holds an opposing view and that person says something to you that triggers your emotional buttons? Suddenly there is a rise of anger and defensiveness that spreads throughout your body causing you to more vehemently defend your point of view.

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Two important behavior norms for any team

Have you ever worked on a team where several people, or even one person, dominates the group discussion?

Perhaps there are times when you are afraid to articulate an idea or opinion because  “the boss”, parent, or a colleague will challenge you and devalue your idea.

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Vulnerability and Trust: Do you have the courage to go there?

Researcher- storyteller Brené Brown advocates that living bravely actually requires us to lean into our discomfort and to be vulnerable. Her research shows that those who are willing to experience risk, emotional exposure, and uncertainty have greater self-worthiness and courage.  

The paradox of courage is that you become stronger when you are vulnerable and at the same time you increase your connection with others when you expose your authentic self. This requires trust.

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Perception_Judgments_First Impressions

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How to overcome snap judgments and quick assumptions that might be distorting your reality about a situation.

Recently I have become aware that some of my assumptions have been completely inaccurate.  I misinterpreted various comments, behaviors or events.  Jumping to quick conclusions has sent me down rabbit holes that have wasted my time, increased my anxiety, and skewed my perception of what is true.  How did I get it so wrong?

Our brain is wired to make quick judgments, snap decisions, and abrupt assumptions.

A study done at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences revealed that your subconscious brain is already formulating a decision 7 seconds before it reaches your consciousness.

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