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How to use positive psychology to kickstart your goals for 2018.

When I ask you, “how was your day?”, what is your response?

Do you immediately recount the negative experiences that have recently happened or are you able to identify some of the positive outcomes you may have experienced?

Most people dwell on the areas of their life that are not going well or where they have experienced negative emotions.  This tendency is driven by the default wiring in your brain.  Positive psychology and strength-based questions can help override your negative thinking and improve your capacity to create success in your life by focusing on what is going well for you now and building on your key strengths.

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Reacting vs Responding: How mindfulness can tame your emotional frenzy.

Do you find yourself yelling at the TV because of something said by a politician? Maybe you engage in road rage as you drive to work because someone cut you off or the light didn’t turn green fast enough. Perhaps a colleague or a spouse questions something you did and suddenly you go into red alert prepared for a full-on self-defense attack. These knee-jerk reactions are causing havoc on your well-being and health and mostly likely impairing your ability to make better decisions.

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How to overcome snap judgments and quick assumptions that might be distorting your reality about a situation.

Recently I have become aware that some of my assumptions have been completely inaccurate.  I misinterpreted various comments, behaviors or events.  Jumping to quick conclusions has sent me down rabbit holes that have wasted my time, increased my anxiety, and skewed my perception of what is true.  How did I get it so wrong?

Our brain is wired to make quick judgments, snap decisions, and abrupt assumptions.

A study done at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences revealed that your subconscious brain is already formulating a decision 7 seconds before it reaches your consciousness.

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