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Drawing on the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology, social and behavioral science, New Habit Mindset offers you key information to take actionable steps to help you live better, smarter, and achieve your goals.

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Welcome! I am Laurel Doggett.   New Habit Mindset is a result of my lifelong interest personal growth and continued learning to live better, smarter and more fulfilled by achieving our goals and dreams.  You can learn more about me here.

Our lives are composed of a myriad of decisions that if repeated become embedded in our brains as habits. We are hardwired to automate our responses and behaviors.

Perhaps goal or you are just stuck?  What would an Olympic athlete do?   It is important to have maintain a beginners mind and never stop experimenting the latest technology and science to become better at being you!

With new habits you can:

  • Get and stay motivated to reach your goals
  • Stay fit and eat well
  • Become more productive and procrastinate less
  • Experience less stress and improve your well being
  • Rebound from your emotional frenzy
  • Connect to your purpose
  • Access your innate creative genius


What if a small behavior change could have an incredible ripple effect in your life toward the positive?

If, according to neuroscientists, our learned behavior is coming from our subconscious mind, a database full of automatic responses we have developed over time through our neural pathways, then the only way to change the results in our lives is to change our habitual responses and replace them with better ones.

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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ~ Carl Jung