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Best Mindfulness Apps

Meditation and mindfulness are tools that can help you navigate the stress of life.  Backed by research, taking time to pause, breathe, and cultivate a relaxation response has been shown to reduce stress-induced hormones and can positively impact your health and improve your well-being.  Why not give it a try?

Top 5 mediation apps:  

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  1. Headspace.   Started by a Buddhist monk from the UK, Headspace strives to offer practical meditation and mindfulness tools while supporting research to validate the benefits of this type of practice.
  2. Smiling Mind.  Developed by a leading Australian not-for-profit, Smiling Mind provides children and adults with mindfulness tools.  With just 10 minutes anyone can start to build a mindful habit.
  3. Buddify  Created in the UK, this app triggers a mindfulness anywhere in an urban setting.
  4. iMindfulness  Offering Swedish, Norwegian and English options, this app is for both beginners and experienced meditation practitioners.
  5. Mindfulness Daily developed by a stressed-out CEO, he created an app that helps you build mindfulness practice in just a few minutes each day.



Free Resources

There are other thought leaders in the field of mindfulness that offer free meditation resources.

1. Kristin Neff is a well-known researcher on the topic of self-compassion.  Here are free meditation exercises you can download.

2.  Jack Kornfield is a trained Buddhist monk and has taught meditation since 1974.  He offers some audio and video mindful mediations.

3. The world-renown Cleveland Clinic offers ways for you to reduce your stress with seven different relaxation exercises on their free app,

4. UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Center provides short guided meditation and body scan recordings in both Spanish and English.

5. UC San Diego Health has 42 guided audio meditations from 6 minutes to 45 minutes.